selected work

Audible Japan Relaunch

Audible recently relaunched in the Japanese market with a new business model and content offering. I led the UX for this 9+ month, cross functional project.

Dates: Nov 2017 - Sept 2018

Role: Lead Designer, UX Manager

English Fluency App Features

I first joined Audible to work on an English Fluency App (referred to as such due to confidentiality agreements) to help ESL speakers improve their English fluency. Combining ebooks and audiobooks, users could listen to native English speakers while following along with highlighted text. This practice was shown to improve listening skills and lead to higher standardized test scores.

In Japan, our test market, professionals are often required to take English proficiency exams to get promoted, and many find speaking and working in English scary and difficult. We wanted to take the fear out of English by enabling the user to practice with content they actually enjoyed consuming. The following features were all designed for this product.

Redesigning the Immersion Reader

The Immersion Reader was the core experience of our app. How could we improve it based on the behavioral data of real users?

Role: One of 2 UX designers working with a visual designer


Smart Quizzes

Our users consistently requested a feature to validate their learning. What tool could we build for users to show them that they were learning?

Role: Lead UX Designer & Product Manager

User Onboarding

How do we help our newest users choose the best content to learn with, and set them up for success?

Role: UX Designer working with a visual designer

User Achievements

How do we help our users build a sense of motivation that keeps them coming back to continue learning, and facilitates a habit of daily use?

Role: UX Designer working with a visual designer

Designing a Product Pivot

How do we adapt our design process and artifacts to help Leadership make strategic decisions about the future of an app?

Role: Lead UX Designer