My Story (so far…)

I started my career in management consulting, helping organizations to improve customer experiences, reduce costs and designing ways for them to transition through change (essentially, service design). In 2011 I discovered the tech space, and brought my background in improving experiences to digital products. At Yodle, I used visual and interaction design to build tools to help small businesses grow. With Audible came the opportunity to design groundbreaking experiences for a new app in the language learning space. After that, I became the lead UX designer and then Senior Manager for Audible’s International team, working to improve the experience for all our global users.

Key Highlights from my current role:

  • Led the UX for migrating ~200,000 users to the new Audible Canada site. (2017)

  • Led the UX for relaunching Audible Japan with a new business model and transitioning ~45,000 existing members. (2018)

  • Led the UX for the Audible India launch. (2018)

Other fun facts…

  • I love mentoring! I was a mentor for Hexagon (formerly XX+UX by Google) and am currently a mentor at Newark Venture Partners, providing UX guidance to their portfolio companies.

  • I have a patent filing in progress called: "System for assisting in foreign language acquisition".

  • I've done a 6-month stint in Product Management so I understand both the rewards and challenges of that role.

  • I've worked and lived all over the world, including Hong Kong, Sydney, Boston, Washington D.C., Malaysia, and now, New York.  

Contact Info

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